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After my second miscarriage, I noticed my mental health had declined significantly. I was crying a lot; anything from songs on the radio to thinking about the fact that if I were still pregnant I would be announcing it any day would trigger it.

I spoke with Rachel, my acupuncturist, about how I was feeling. She suggested I see Jeannine Dawson who is a Clinical Hypnotherapist, Fertility Therapist, Certified EFT and BodyTalk Practitioner. This was something unique and new I hadn’t yet tried. I agreed I needed therapy at this stage as I was feeling overwhelmed by all the emotions, so seeing someone – especially someone who specialised in fertility – and talking about it seemed like a good option. When I read about what Jeannine does, I was amazed to discover how linked the mind and body are. We all know the saying ‘you can do anything if you set your mind to it’, however I had no idea how relevant this might be to my situation, which I often felt was out of my control. I realised through meeting Jeannine that I had a really negative mindset towards my body for ‘failing’ me two times already. This mindset may have been essentially self-sabotaging myself from any further pregnancies by believing I wouldn’t and couldn’t be pregnant again. Jeannine used hypnotherapy and Emotional Freedom therapy to help me work through these issues. Emotional Freedom therapy or EFT is about working through emotional blocks by tapping pressure points on your body, like acupressure. I was definitely sceptical at first, however I was amazed by how well I responded to this therapy. Before EFT therapy, when talking about my second miscarriage I would notice my heart would race and all the traumatic emotions and memories – of laying on the Hawaii hospital bed being told there was no heartbeat – would be brought up again. It was as if I was there, as if I was transported back there and re-living it over and over again. After using EFT therapy, I was able to work through the emotions. Now when discussing my second miscarriage, the best way I can describe it is that it feels like a distant memory and I feel quite removed from the situation. It’s an amazing feeling to be in control of my thoughts and knowing I could manage situations like these going forward. Jeannine’s personality is very warm and easy going. She beams positivity and has a wealth of knowledge after doing this work for over 20 years. I have recently taken up Zoom calls with her – it saves me the travel to the North Shore and I find it just as beneficial. I have noticed a huge shift in my mindset since seeing her. I now have a level of resilience I never knew existed and I feel more able to accept whatever future outcomes may bring. I can’t underplay how important it is to not only focus on getting your body in the right fertile state, but strengthening your mind too. Amazing things can happen when you truly believe in yourself.

Relaxation training is a key ingredient to pregnancy success

When I first visited Jeannine I was 40 years old and we'd been trying to conceive our first baby for over three years. I was looking for assistance to maximise my health and wellbeing for an upcoming planned IVF cycle.

Combining the use of BodyTalk, hypnotherapy and relaxation, as well as truck loads of compassion, Jeannine's work was an important ingredient in the success we achieved - much to our delight we are now expecting our first baby in one week. Being in an executive role for over 10 years and a typical A type personality, I found both mental and physical relaxation a challenge. I bought Jeannine's relaxation CD which provided me the tools I needed to be able to relax myself at my convenience. Typically I'd use the CD every day when I got home from work to calm my mind and body, giving me the ability to meditate effectively, and to be more present for my partner rather than my mind racing off to my mental check list of things to do. I still use the CD today, although on a less frequent basis as I am now able to apply the relaxation techniques without the use of the CD, most of the time. I have played the CD two or three times a week during my pregnancy so once our wee girl is born I'll be able to use the CD to calm her too. For a very small financial investment the relaxation CD has provided huge benefits for me and I can't recommend it highly enough. -- NM

BodyTalk and natural fertility therapy successfully overcome Low Ovarian Reserve and AMH levels

It's hard to put into words how blessed I feel to have found the help of Jeannine during the very difficult path of navigating my fertility challenges. I had started my journey to becoming a mum a little late in the game and after suffering a pregnancy loss I began working with

a Chinese medicine practitioner (acupuncture), a naturopath and a fertility specialist. I didn't have a lot of time to just 'wait and see' and at my age there wasn't a lot of support in the public health care sector.I had numerous tests and procedures; I spent a lot of time (and a lot of money) at fertility appointments. Unfortunately, instead of becoming more hopeful and getting closer to my goal I was progressively getting more discouraged and more anxious and more upset. I spent a lot of time crying and despairing over the results of all these tests. I was told that my ovarian reserve and anti-mullerian hormone (AMH) levels were extremely low and that I had better start thinking about IVF and using an egg donor. Even though I had become pregnant before, an HSG showed that both my tubes were completely blocked. I was beyond devastated and it was becoming more and more difficult to function. The sadness was overwhelming. The fertility specialist I was seeing told me to go away and think really hard about my next move. He told me that IVF was likely my only chance and that I didn't have a lot of time to think about it. My husband and I had decided that we wouldn't take that path so in November I decided to find a way to move forward without having any children. I needed to re-learn to live a life with joy. The past couple years had robbed me of that and anxiety and despair became my habit. I told my acupuncturist that I was letting go and needed help. She told me about Jeannine's work and suggested that she might be able to help me through a modality that was very foreign to me. Jeannine and I started working together November and December and I immediately felt that this special work would be my way forward. Through hypnotherapy and BodyTalk I was able to clear the fog and start working through 'my stuff'. I learned so much about some really deeply rooted beliefs I held and some really outdated maps I used to navigate my life with. Jeannine walked me through the process of obtaining clarity with gentleness and love. Through this work I learned that although all the medical knowledge and test results said one thing, my mind, body and spirit were another. Test results and procedures and anxiety aren't the be all and end all! Then in late January, I discovered I was pregnant! I carried my pregnancy to full term and I delivered a healthy beautiful baby boy at the end of September. Alexander turns one year old this week and he is a gorgeous, happy and healthy little boy. The work Jeannine does is powerful! It requires the willingness to surrender and the ability to 'drop it all'! It requires brutal honesty and the willingness to look at the very base of all your beliefs and emotions. I recommend this process to every woman who is ready to 'go there'!!! Love and blessings to you all! -- DW

Hypnotherapy, BodyTalk and EFT - combination of therapies the critical difference to IVF success

I was given Jeannine's details by a friend I met through an IVF support group. I'll never forget my first appointment with Jeannine. I was at my absolute wits end, as I quite often was at many points during the fertility journey.

I had reached the point of anxiety where I was constantly losing things and couldn't think straight. On the way into her room I dropped my cash line card and then when I found it, I immediately lost something else. I was in a terrible neurotic state. I looked at her and thought "how in God's name is this woman going to be able to help me, I'm going mad". At that first appointment Jeannine let me speak, explained hypnosis and gave me a hypnosis session which we recorded, and I could replay. Walking out of her room I felt as though I'd been peeled off the ceiling and placed back on my feet. I felt grounded and peaceful for the first time in weeks. It was so completely remarkable that my partner said it was as if I was a different person. We both saw the immediate value that Jeannine's sessions provided and then they became a regular and necessary part of my self-care for the rest of the fertility journey. One of the things that is so overlooked by science is the mind body connection. The IVF journey itself is clinical and it is a numbers game. The more resilience you have to complete treatments the more chance you will have of success. That resilience needs to be nurtured and you absolutely must find techniques to deal with the stress and anxiety that the IVF journey will bring. My usual stress coping tactics of the odd glass or two of wine was out of the question. And a trip to the GP left me with the option of sleeping pills and/or anti-depressants. It seemed so backwards to me that I should be given a little pill for depression when what I was dealing with was valid trauma, and not something to be blocked out with medication. I didn't feel depressed but was so anxious and grief stricken that I felt I couldn't function normally. Despite being told that anti-depressants were perfectly safe when trying to conceive I just didn't want to go down that road. What I needed and found with Mind Body Fertility was a treatment for my anxiety and a methodology for maintaining good mental health, that didn't involve medication. Whatever we did in our sessions, be it EFT, Hypnosis or BodyTalk, it was always tailored exactly to my needs and I was always given great tools to take away and continue my treatment at home. My partner would sometimes say to me at various points, "it's time for another appointment with Jeannine" which I very much appreciated him telling me. It was his way of telling me it was time to get the anxiety back in check again. Without Jeannine's help I simply wouldn't have been able to continue to have a successful IVF result. In the end I saw Jeannine right through till the late stages of my pregnancy. So successful is the tapping and the hypnosis that I would now consider using it for anything in my life, not just the fertility journey. To be able to access the subconscious mind and to bring peace and calm, is a magnificent thing. In years to come I think we'll view the current medical model and the dishing out of pills to be as abhorrent as electric shock therapy. And in the future, I believe the validity of the mind body connection will be recognised. The work that I did with Jeannine went to the very core of my fertility issues to bring healing on an emotional (and physical) level. Science does not have an understanding of why I developed endometriosis, however treatment with Jeannine uncovered emotional scarring, and laid a lot of past hurts to rest. Again working on the basis that emotional hurt can lead to physical symptoms, I would recommend that any IVF patient has not only to look at the symptoms of their inability to conceive but also at the emotional journey they have been through, to get to the root cause. This was where the BodyTalk was absolutely uncannily accurate and although I cannot explain how it works, I can simply say hand on heart that it works! For any patient going through fertility trials, I would recommend they use EFT, Hypnosis and BodyTalk among the other tools they may be using such as acupuncture. I know we wouldn't have our beautiful little girl with us if it wasn't for Mind Body Fertility. Thank you, Jeannine, for helping us bring our little angel into this world!

Pregnant after trying for over 6 years

Hi Jeaninne, to let you know my 20 week scan was great. Everything is perfect and I've included a couple of photos that you can use if you like.

I had been trying to conceive for the last 6 and a half years with no luck. I have always been a positive person but when I started seeing Jeaninne a year ago she made me feel so relaxed and even more positive with hypnotherapy and BodyTalk that I never gave up hope and I just knew there was a baby in the near future for me. I am now 20 weeks pregnant and cannot thank Jeaninne enough for helping me. She is a beautiful lady and I feel blessed to have worked with her.

Pregnancy in third IVF round due to mind-body work with Jeannine

Hi Jeannine, I just wanted to pop a line to say thank you so much! And I am so glad I found you.

At first, I was a bit like most people and thought that counselling was a waste of money and that it must just be normal to be miserable at times. How wrong I was! Your techniques and support when I was really struggling through our fertility battle turned everything around. I wasn’t ready to face the world, nor any of our friends and family with kids. When I saw pregnant women in public my stomach churned, and I just wanted to crawl into a ball and disappear. After the first few sessions I wasn’t crying daily and loved going to sleep with your hypnotherapy tracks which I still use. After feeling like I was finally in a good head space we headed into our third round of IVF. This time it worked, and we are currently 16 weeks pregnant with our little miracle. I know, one hundred percent, that this happened for us because of my headspace before and during this IVF round, and believing that this was our baby. Thank you so much for your support and I look forward to some hypnobirthing sessions in the future! I've included a scan photo of our wee baby saying hi below. Xx

Successfully preparing for IVF with Jeannine via Skype

My husband and I had been trying to get pregnant for over 18 months. I was seeing a specialist and had required a laparoscopy to clear scarring but still had no luck! My specialist felt that IVF was our best option and that if we went down this path we were likely to have success. I was very stressed and not really coping with the pressure of trying to get pregnant. It was affecting our relationship a lot.

Jeannine was recommended to me by a family member, the only issue was that she was in Auckland and we were in Nelson. I contacted Jeannine and she said that this wasn't a problem as we could do the work via Skype. Working with Jeannine was fantastic. She helped me to work on focusing on what was most important to me which was of course to get pregnant but more importantly that my husband and my relationship needed to stay strong and intact. I also learnt some fantastic techniques to stay calm and avoid stressing - a lot of these techniques are now very useful in day to day life management. We did hypnotherapy sessions and used other techniques also. We worked together each week for around 6 to 8 weeks before I started IVF. The reason for this was to allow me time to be in the best place mentally and emotionally before starting this process. When I began IVF I had some devastating news - I had very low egg stores. This felt like the end of the world but Jeannine helped me focus on the important factor which was I just needed enough eggs to do the job! Well we ended up only getting two eggs of which one fertilized successfully. The embryo was implanted and I am currently 17 weeks pregnant!! Enough eggs to do the job!! We have found the hypnotherapy so fantastic that we are booked into hypnobirthing classes locally as I can't think of any tool I'd now rather use during childbirth! I highly recommend working with Jeannine she is wonderful!

Successfully complements IVF treatment programme

In September 2007, after seven years of trying to have children it was suggested to me to consider hypnotherapy for my husband, Jason and me. At that time my husband and I were embarking on what we had decided would be our last effort to try for children.

Over these seven years on our quest to become parents we had experienced disappointment after disappointment. In the beginning we tried to get pregnant naturally for two years. We were then referred to a fertility clinic and various tests were carried out to help determine whether there were any significant issues. Time and time again these were rechecked but left us with no significant answers, we were in a grey area. I have had two IUI procedures, one bio-chemical pregnancy, three full IVF cycles, one of which resulted in one frozen embryo - all were unsuccessful. Every month discovering we weren't pregnant was upsetting to say the least, let alone planning for a medical procedure, which I found physically and emotionally draining, and all of which ended in disappointment. These continual disappointments began to take their toll on us individually and on our relationship. Our turning point was in 2007 on our third IVF cycle - I got a positive pregnancy test, which later miscarried at seven and half weeks. Each time we went into a planned treatment cycle we tried to ensure we were mentally prepared and had dealt with these failures to focus positively. However, over this time it had impacted on us both more than we realised. So after the miscarriage in 2007, I decided we needed to take a fresh approach, and because of this way of thinking we weren't ruling anything out. In October 2007 I had my first session with Jeannine in hypnotherapy. I have to say I was extremely sceptical. When I asked my husband whether he would consider trying this, his reaction was very "blokey", he scoffed at the idea. Our compromise was that Jason would try at least four sessions before he would write it off. About a month later I overheard my husband talking to a friend and praising how I had changed, appeared less stressed and more relaxed - in general happier. He decided to try it himself. Jason started hypnotherapy with Jeannine and from the outset was surprised himself. He found the sessions with Jeannine helped him to deal with things from the past that he didn't even realise were issues and affecting him. The tools she gave helped him to focus and relax and deal with the anxieties and fears that arose around the whole IVF treatment. I too had not realised that one of my biggest issues was the fear of more failure. I was now 38 years old and my age was also contributing to my worries. It doesn't help with all the statistics that seem to be everywhere. I came away from the sessions better prepared mentally and recharged for the first time in years. As a result of our sessions with Jeannine we were both in a much better place to try for our "final" go at IVF. At 39 years old, in 2008, we had a better than ever IVF cycle, resulting in a beautiful baby boy and another embryo frozen for the future. I continued seeing Jeannine throughout my pregnancy for more sessions in BodyTalk, while still continuing hypnotherapy at home as taught. The hypnotherapy techniques I learnt worked so well, I decided to use hypnotherapy in my birth plan, which resulted in a five and half hour labour and natural delivery with no drugs. We both strongly believe that if we had not seen Jeannine and used the tools she taught us, the outcome would be much different. We still continue to use these tools in our day-to-day lives. I found it invaluable, even after our son was born, to gain that much needed rest that you need with a newborn. -- T

Conception, Fertility and Hypnobirthing

My husband and I tried for four years to get pregnant without success. We even saw fertility specialists and were put on Clomophine. Six months after the fertility treatments started, and still having no success, a friend suggested we try Hypnotherapy. During the first session of Hypnosis we discovered I had a mental block to do with childbirth and that was causing my body to shut down and not allow me to become pregnant. After my first Fear Release Session it seems I conceived but had yet to realise, and so continued with the Hypnotherapy and BodyTalk sessions.

Once the pregnancy was confirmed I continued going for BodyTalk sessions, which seemed to work really well with fixing any issues (mainly placental) that cropped up during the pregnancy; and I practiced Self Hypnosis to remain calm and free of fear about the birth. When the baby's growth slowed, the doctors were making plans to induce me at 37 weeks, however, the BodyTalk sessions helped to maintain her growth and the Doctors, happy that she was coping well, allowed me to go week by week (with very close monitoring) and to their surprise I made it to 40 weeks. An induction was then scheduled for March 23rd, two days after my due date. Since I did not want to be induced I went for a BodyTalk session two days before my due date and ended up going into labour spontaneously on the night of March 21st (my EDD!) and our daughter was born just after midnight (1:22am) on March 22nd 2010. The Self Hypnosis I practiced included having no fear and remaining calm, turning my birthing over to my body and trusting my body, visualizations to do with the perineum so there would be no tearing and stitches, and having a short labour (3 hrs). All techniques we learnt in Hypnobirthing classes. My labour was charted at 4 hours 22 minutes. I used the Birthing Pool for a short period of time and had no pain relief other than Gas and I did not need any stitches. The Doctors were very shocked at the speed of my labour, especially for a first time mother. After the birth they told me that I had dilated from 3cm to 10cm in 45 minutes! Olivia Marie came into the world in a hurry and was alert and breastfeeding within minutes. Jeannine, thank you so much for all you did with the Hypnotherapy and BodyTalk sessions and for turning us on to Hypnobirthing before I was even pregnant. Both Willie and I are convinced the sessions worked to get us pregnant, maintain the pregnancy and at getting Olivia to come naturally and not have to be induced. I felt absolutely no fear about the birth before, during or after.

Pregnancy after three miscarriages

My Story - I really wish I had found hypnotherapy years ago. After suffering 3 miscarriages for no "medical" reason, my health completely deteriorated. I was so stressed, close to a breakdown and realised that I was depressed. It wasn't until I started experiencing weird allergies that I was forced to do something about it.

I went to Advanced Natural Medicine and spent time and effort to get my physical health back on track. I felt so much better and ready to try again for another baby. However, in making this decision I started to get really stressed again and my health declined too - I was worried about the effect of this on my husband and daughter. It became so overwhelming that I just could not do it. Then I found Jeannine and was introduced to hypnotherapy - it is such a relaxing, inspiring, comfortable and gentle process to go through. My mind had certainly been sabotaging my pregnancies without me realising it. Jeannine's help and the therapy CDs, along with learning self-hypnosis has enabled me to let go of the past and the fear - she helped me build up my mind with positive affirmations and thoughts. I noticed changes in myself straight away - and so did others. I felt a lot calmer, at peace with myself, confident, stronger and no longer scared. I felt ready to have a baby, and that if it didn't turn out to plan, then I'd be in a much better position to deal with it. And here I am, 21 weeks pregnant, with a healthy and strong little boy growing happily inside me!! -- JW</p>

Pregnancy after unexplained secondary infertility and miscarriages

I first saw Jeannine Dawson when I was 42 years of age specifically for assistance with multiple miscarriages. I had experienced two miscarriages, one full term pregnancy, another miscarriage and two years of unexplained "secondary infertility". I thought that my time to have another child had run out and I was feeling rather stressed about it. All the tests and been done and I had been told that there was nothing wrong with me.

After having just two sessions with Jeannine (one BodyTalk and one Hypnotherapy) and listening to Jeannine's CDs on a daily basis, I fell pregnant. I have continued to see her for BodyTalk sessions throughout my pregnancy, which has been quite comfortable and totally normal. Jeannine has helped me with one or two minor irritations along the way, such as recurring sinusitis which has not returned. I am expecting my baby to be born at the beginning of February and Jeannine is now helping me with preparation for birth. I have found Jeannine to be caring, understanding and professional as well as completely "down to earth". I can highly recommend Jeannine, BodyTalk and Hypnotherapy. -- W

Pregnancy comes after dealing with stress

When I starting seeing Jeannine, I was at the end of my tether. After over a year of trying to conceive and after having been told (after some very disturbing hormone test results) that there was a strong likelihood that my problems were related to a prematurely depleted ovarian reserve (i.e. early menopause), I was very stressed and on the way to depression. At the time I was only 35 years old and had a FSH of 26.6!

During my work with Jeannine it became evident that my distress at the situation was having a negative effect on things. The more I tried to get pregnant, the stranger my cycles became. Jeannine helped me to take the pressure out of the situation. From seeing her and practicing with the CDs, I became less obsessed and more relaxed about conceiving. My husband noticed the difference immediately! She also helped me come to terms with some issues I had around womanhood and my perception of myself as a professional and a woman. Needless to say, a couple of months after I started to use the CDs, we conceived. Better still, it was completely natural without the drugs or IVF that we were on track to using. And better still, we're expecting twins! I would thoroughly recommend Jeannine and suggest trying this avenue before embarking down the drugs/IVF path. It's significantly cheaper and less stress on the body and mind! -- T

Self hypnosis the key to pregnancy

When I started IVF I was fairly young and in excellent health, chances of success were apparently very good. However after two failed cycles of IVF, I was depressed and discouraged. I had responded well to the drugs and we had replaced a number of "good quality" embryos but for some reason I had not got pregnant.

I almost gave up on the idea thinking there must be something wrong with me but after a break of almost a year I decided to give it one more try. At around the same time I read an article about Jeannine and the Hypnotherapy Fertility sessions she provides and I thought it was worth a try. Even if I did not get pregnant I figured it would be worthwhile to combat the stress and insomnia brought on by infertility. We had only two "live" sessions and one phone session, but the techniques I learned together with the CDs were of huge benefit to me in the following months. Under Jeannine's guidance I managed to let go of negative thoughts and focus on positive outcomes - so I felt better and happier throughout the cycle. I practiced the relaxation and self hypnosis each day and had no trouble sleeping at night. My husband was pleased that the cheerful woman he had married was back! During the egg collection procedure I had almost no pain (unlike the previous two times!) and healed much more quickly. I didn't even need panadol the next day! In the weeks following embryo replacement (the most anxious) I used the techniques to calm myself as required and to stay focused on a positive outcome. I felt a lot better after having hypnotherapy and best of all I am now 12 weeks pregnant. I plan to carry on using self-hypnosis throughout the pregnancy and birth and I would recommend it to anyone undergoing IVF or considering IVF. -- NB

Pain Management

Relief from severe debilitating pain and endometriosis

I came to Jeannine after a long battle with endometriosis and after seeing many medical professionals. I was diagnosed with Stage 4 endometriosis and had already had one surgery with a high probability of more to follow. I was in severe debilitating pain and I had lost hope of ever living a pain and medication free life. After my first session of EFT with Jeannine, I instantly felt like something in me had shifted. I had a long history of life traumas including from childhood that were impacting my health and my marriage.

Being able to work through these traumatic events with EFT helped me to take charge of my health and wellbeing. I was able to start seeing myself more positively and understand I was worthy of investing in and taking care of – my feelings of self-worth lifted significantly. Jeannine also helped me with hypnosis regarding my feelings of abandonment and insecurities that were affecting my marriage. This has helped improve my feelings around being left alone and/or behind. We also did some BodyTalk in our sessions and I found that to be really beneficial also. It was fascinating what came up in and from those sessions and how it all connected to my ongoing health issues. I have now been medication free for the past 6 months and am currently pain free. I can’t praise Jeannine and my experience more highly and have recommended her to so many people as I truly believe anyone and everyone can benefit from these therapies as I have!

BodyTalk brings relief from back pain

I went to Jeannine for a BodyTalk session for general well being. I hadn't mentioned a problem with part of my spine which had given me daily pain for several years, but it came up spontaneously in the session.

I had been told by doctors that I had general wear and tear of the bones in my spine, and there wasn't anything that they could do about it. Since the BodyTalk session with Jeannine, that part of my spine is pain-free. I highly recommend BodyTalk, it is drug free, non invasive, and has had a very positive influence on my entire being, on all levels. -- FB

Relief from migraines

When I went to my BodyTalk session I was 8 weeks pregnant and had been suffering awful migraines every day. Jeannine picked up in the session that the new baby is allergic to dairy products. I took them out of my diet and the migraines went away! I am now full of energy and feeling great. What a relief! -- LB

Relief from migraines

I went to Jeannine as I was suffering bad migraines three or four times a week. She discovered through BodyTalk that I was having these migraines because of stress. She helped me to find strategies to deal with this stress and now I have not had a migraine since working through these strategies. I now feel great! Thanks Jeannine! -- SN

Pain Relief

Good morning Jeannine, sincerest gratitude for taking me on yesterday! The reduction in my pain level is truly remarkable, my inner fortitude substantially strengthened - I feel now re-aligned and ready to face my prognosis refreshed and re-spirited.

This is the first day I have gone an incredible 7 hours without the need for morphine or painkillers ... for the past month I have taken them 3 hourly. This is truly astounding, I feel so re-empowered. Thank you, thank you. After just one session it is impressive indeed! Blessings for being you. -- M

Numbness, Pins and Needles Relieved

I went to see Jeannine Dawson for a BodyTalk session as I had been suffering numbness with "pins and needles" feelings in my left arm. The symptoms were exaggerated at night making for very disturbed sleep. Several days after the first BodyTalk session, my normal sleep pattern had returned. Furthermore, the shoulder and arm symptoms (of pain) had almost gone. Thank you so much! -- RB

Anxiety, Stress, Phobias & Panic Attacks

Birthing Anxiety

I used EFT prenatally to address my anxiety about giving birth. Working with Jeannine helped me clarify what my issues and fears were surrounding birth, and has helped me feel much calmer in the run up to the birth.

Whenever I feel some of the old fear creeping back in, I use the tapping techniques to calm myself almost instantly. My baby seems to like it too, leaping around whenever I do the tapping.

From feeling anxious, overeating, overthinking to relaxed, motivated and enjoying myself ...

I went to see Jeanine because I was suffering from terrible anxiety after having my babies. It was making me physically sick! I didn't know what to expect from hypnosis. After my first session I was amazed because I could feel the difference already. My emotional overeating and overthinking is now under control. I feel motivated to get out of bed in the morning and to go out, meet friends and actually enjoy myself. I wish I went to see Jeannine years ago, I haven't felt this relaxed, motivated and good about myself in a long time.

Needle Phobia

I've had a needle phobia about getting blood tests in particular that has been getting worse over the last few years. After some very successful hypnotherapy sessions with Jeannine for other reasons I decided to see if she could help me with my needle issues as I am about to start undergoing fertility treatments and will be required to do daily blood tests.

We did one session that used the EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique), a 'tapping' technique to examine and address my fears and I immediately noticed a reduction in stress and emotions around two previous bad needle experiences I'd had. This week, (after no additional practice or thought on it really - sorry Jeannine!), I went and had a blood test at the same place where the last bad experience occurred. I 'tapped' a number of times during the morning, also running over in my mind the messages we had decided would be useful for me to remember. I then tapped a couple of times on the way to the lab. My anxiety levels were way down, probably a quarter or less than usual. I tapped throughout the test as well to stay as relaxed as possible. At first the nurse couldn't find the vein and then when she did it collapsed, but I didn't freak out like the last time. I even had to go away and try again an hour later. That would have been my worst nightmare before the hypnotherapy, but instead I went out of the lab laughing about it. I then fronted up one hour later and that time we had a successful test with the nurse able to draw five vials! Thanks Jeannine - it's made a huge difference, and I think next time will be even better. MC

Chronic anxiety and depression treated successfully with BodyTalk

I was referred to Jeannine by my GP as I was suffering from terrible anxiety. I had been on anti-depressants for a while but when I became pregnant with my son, my husband and I thought it best to stop them for the health of the baby. I was very ill and had a few complications with my pregnancy that saw me visiting specialists at North Shore Hospital often.

I had to rely on someone driving me there as I had no licence nor learned to drive for that matter. It was gradual but before I knew it my anxiety was back and really bad. Once my son was born I stayed confined to the house. I felt the need to hide and it was too traumatic to go out places with my baby. Curtains were kept shut so I didn't have to answer the door. My mother-in-law was so good to me and seeing the need for the baby and me to get out of the house would pick me up once a week to spend the day with her. My husband would then pick us up on his way home. Chores were something I didn't think I could cope with as well as a new baby so most were left for my poor husband when he got home from work. I just concentrated on the baby and his needs but by the time he was one I could see that he needed to get out and about a lot more and have other stimulation than what I was giving him. The two of us would catch the bus and go to the shops and spend some time in the local library where they did a half hour of music and dance for babies and mums. But no sooner would the outing come and go then I would start stressing and getting worked up about the next one. I needed at least a week's notice to get used to the idea and plan what to do for all outings or family get-togethers. From my first session of Bodytalk with Jeannine I felt a difference. I felt refreshed when I walked out and only got better with each session. Eventually I noticed a change for the good in myself. I found myself humming and smiling, laughing and playing. More importantly I had control of my emotions and feelings. When a panic attack or onset of anxiety would appear I knew how to deal with it and it was not so scary anymore. Gradually my anxiety went from everyday, all day to a morning or evening once a week to an hour or so once every few weeks to having hardly any. I have the tools thanks to Bodytalk to deal with it and it has changed my life. My pregnancy had been long and uncomfortable and as I wasn't happy in myself I never thought I would be able to have another baby and go through everything again. But whilst at Bodytalk my own body was telling me to be ready and open minded about another baby. I laughed at this of course but sure enough a few days later it was confirmed that we were having our second baby. I worried at first about how I was going to cope with my son and another baby. I worried a lot about how the pregnancy would go but I have to say that I loved being pregnant this time round. There were no complications with this pregnancy. I have always suffered from bladder infections particularly with my first pregnancy but there were none of these after BodyTalk. I am truly amazed at how BodyTalk helped me. I am actually learning to drive now which is a big milestone for me. -- VB

Long-term anxiety relief

I went to see Jeannine for a "fear" (chronic anxiety) which I have suffered from for the past 30 years. With having the BodyTalk sessions, I have found it has taken away my anxiety! At the same time, it has helped me to achieve a healthy physical and mental state. -- SB

Relief for Anxiety, Phobias, Irritable Bowel Syndrome and more ...

I went to see Jeannine not quite knowing what to expect. After going to many different doctors I was starting to lose hope!! Nothing had made any difference and I was getting worse, not better.

I had been unwell for almost 6 months with what seemed to be IBS, anxiety, phobias (including a severe vomiting phobia), severe attacks of dizziness and very painful periods. After the first session I saw unbelievable improvement which just seemed to get better and better each session. My periods are completely regular and painless now and I have not had an IBS attack in weeks! My anxiety is also at a much much more tolerable level along with my phobias, which Jeannine helped me sort out through hypnotherapy. I am very pleased with the result I have achieved with Jeannine's help and would highly recommend her to anyone! -- KH

Dealing with anxiety and excessive sweating

I am a 22 year old man and was having problems with excessive sweating. It was made worse in certain situations where I felt anxious: job interviews, meetings etc. The more anxious I became the more aware I was of my problem and it became uncomfortable and preoccupying.

I was desperate to stop it and went to Jeannine for BodyTalk. I noticed changes within a week after the second session and now it isn't even an issue. I am much more confident and it has let me focus on my job instead of worrying about sweating. Thank you very much Jeannine, I am very pleased with the outcome and it's as if the problem never even existed. -- J

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

Post-natal PTSD treated successfully with EFT

I was first introduced to Jeannine by my psychotherapist about 8 months postpartum. During those 8 months I was struggling with postnatal anxiety and PTSD resulting from a traumatic birth. By 8 months I did feel much better however I still felt quite disconnected and emotionally numb. After my first EFT session with Jeannine I instantly felt a difference.

It is hard to explain, but I felt different. I felt so much lighter and hopeful that I would one day feel more like myself again. After a short time I felt like I could stand on my own two feet and felt confident. I could also finally feel emotion! It has been 5 months since my last appointment and I now feel like I can come off medication with the help of Jeannine and EFT. I am sure I will have another positive story to tell after this. So for anyone who is suffering from any form or anxiety or PTSD EFT is definitely worth a shot and with Jeannine’s expertise you will soon feel like yourself again. S.S

Confidence & Self Esteem

Greater sense of clarity and purpose

I have found the Body Talk sessions that I have done with Jeannine to be quite profound. It is astounding what messages have emerged from past events in my life, and from my body. It all makes sense on a very deep level, and I can often feel a palpable subtle physical transformation during a session, as I begin to understand the message. I always come away with a greater sense of clarity and purpose in my life's path, a humbling sense of wonder in the deep compassion of life, and a joyful urge to embrace life! -- SR

Dealing with fear, becoming confident, positive and happy

What hypnosis has done for me: Hypnosis has been a very positive thing in my life over the past three and a half months. I have been using it to help me with my confidence, self-belief and to understand about my fear and begin working on it.

I have noticed many changes in myself around being more confident and happy with who I am. I am now more confident when I am around people, I am much less concerned with what other people think of me and instead of hiding away I am beginning to enjoy other people's company a lot more. I have more belief in myself and am starting to realise that I have many good qualities. I am slowly beginning to think positive thoughts about myself rather than destructive, negative ones. Hypnosis has helped me to be more relaxed and calm in situations that would usually make me quite tense. I am much more accepting of things and it has also made me a more happy, positive and confident person. I think hypnosis is a great tool to work with and I am definitely going to continue using it. Thanks Jeannine -- L

Purposeful with self-empowerment and hope

Hi Jeannine, I'm emailing you to say thank you and also to let you know that I sense changes within, which are becoming clearer and more purposeful. I am feeling stronger and have more hope; as though I can see light at the end of my tunnel even though I am not sure where that light will lead to, in the short, medium or long term - overall I think I have a greater sense of positiveness and promise by consistently listening to the CD.

I am beginning to have more control of my thoughts and thus I am beginning to plan with a sense of self empowerment and therefore, I am slowly learning to make different decisions and beginning to take different actions. Thank you for your support and wisdom. -- CM

Relaxation Therapy & Training

Now sleeping without the use of pills!

I came to Jeannine with 40 to 50 years of sleep related problems, necessitating the use of sleeping pills over this period of time. I was desperate for help and a caring shoulder to lean on and found this with Jeannine's down to earth manner and calm approach to my problem.

The Body talk and use of the relaxation CDs has helped me make great headway. The Sleep CD with Jeannine's calm and modulated voice has been a huge help and I am sleeping without the use of pills. I have a very different and positive outlook on life and look forward to ongoing progress. -- MD

Relaxation training is a key ingredient to pregnancy success

When I first visited Jeannine I was 40 years old and we'd been trying to conceive our first baby for over three years. I was looking for assistance to maximise my health and wellbeing for an upcoming planned IVF cycle. Combining the use of BodyTalk, hypnotherapy and relaxation, as well as truck loads of compassion, Jeannine's work was an important ingredient in the success we achieved - much to our delight we are now expecting our first baby in one week.

Being in an executive role for over 10 years and a typical A type personality, I found both mental and physical relaxation a challenge. I bought Jeannine's relaxation CD which provided me the tools I needed to be able to relax myself at my convenience. Typically I'd use the CD every day when I got home from work to calm my mind and body, giving me the ability to meditate effectively, and to be more present for my partner rather than my mind racing off to my mental check list of things to do. I still use the CD today, although on a less frequent basis as I am now able to apply the relaxation techniques without the use of the CD, most of the time. I have played the CD two or three times a week during my pregnancy so once our wee girl is born I'll be able to use the CD to calm her too. For a very small financial investment the relaxation CD has provided huge benefits for me and I can't recommend it highly enough. -- NM

Skin Conditions

Shingles and Cellulitis

My first experience with BodyTalk for a specific health issue was to help deal with shingles. Despite being prescribed and taking the antiviral drugs from my local G.P., the extremely irritating nerve-pain symptoms were taking time to abate (which I understand is "normal" with shingles).

I had a session of BodyTalk with Jeannine, after which the symptoms rapidly improved in a matter of days, compared to the months that I was expecting (from the information and advice of my GP). Some months later, I developed a severe case of cellulitis in my right foot and leg while travelling overseas. Despite taking the medication given to me (anti-inflammatory and anti-biotic), the severe swelling remained. In fact, when I returned to New Zealand a week after beginning the treatment, I weighed 6 kilograms MORE than 2 weeks previously when I left. Jeannine treated me twice with BodyTalk and within a week the bulk of the infection and swelling had disappeared - the full 6 kilograms worth! One of the things that I GREATLY appreciate about this system is that it works in conjunction with and as a complement to other modalities. I also appreciate the objectivity and clarity of the BodyTalk protocol which keeps the practitioner and patient safe and on track. -- JD

Facial Skin Rash

I went to Jeannine for BodyTalk specifically for a session about a persistent skin rash I had on my face. During the session, she picked up on leg cramps as being a problem for me, which we had not discussed in advance of the session.

For about one year I had been getting really bad leg cramps when I was in bed at night. They would regularly get so bad that I would have to get up two or more times during the night and stretch my legs to ease the pain. It has now been well over a month since I have seen Jeannine and I haven't had a single leg cramp since, enabling me to have an uninterrupted sleep for the first time in over a year. My skin rash has also cleared up after one session! BodyTalk has been a really positive experience for me and I am so happy with the results, I would not hesitate in recommending it to anyone. -- KB

Relief after 12 years of Eczema

I had been suffering from eczema for nearly 12 years when I first went to Jeannine. I had severe eczema and was unwell mentally as well as physically. I was living in the dark, going down every day and did not know what to do next. I was getting conventional medication from dermatologists. I had seen five dermatologists during the last 6 years and when the eczema was very bad I was given steroids which helped me only temporarily. Although I was aware of the side effect of them I had no other choice. Doctors worried about the amount of steroids I had taken and the last doctor I went to refused to give steroids to me and suggested that I should take Cyclosporin which I did not want to take at all.

A good friend of mine told me of body talk and I decided to give it a go. I was exhausted and very depressed when I saw Jeannine and she offered to help me. She used hypnotherapy to help me with the lack of confidence and low self esteem which was prevailing in my life. She gave me the relaxation and hypnosis CDs to practice relaxation and self hypnosis at home. I found that I started to build up confidence and once again was appreciating life. After that she used Body Talk to heal the eczema and I saw eczema gradually disappearing. I was amazed by her warmth and humanity. I am so grateful for everything she did to help me. When I told my financial situation, my inability to pay her, she still wanted to help me. I am so happy now. Thank you very much Jeannine. -- S


Overcoming Insomnia and Post-Traumatic Stress Following Childbirth

I came to Jeannine after suffering for some years with chronic insomnia following the pregnancies and births of our last 2 children. I was unwell during both pregnancies and was also suffering from PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder) after the difficult experience I had with our last child’s birth.

Jeannine's practice and teaching of EFT along with hypnosis has taken the intensity out of the memories associated with the post-traumatic stress and has been a great relief for curing me of insomnia. I can say I've turned a corner and am now sleeping well and looking forward to many happy times due to the combined therapies of EFT and hypnosis. Many thanks Jeannine, S

Panic Attacks and Insomnia

I have the pleasure of writing a testimonial for Jeannine Dawson, Hypnotherapist. When we first met Jeannine, I had been suffering from panic attacks. These had begun after a particularly stressful year on a personal level. The main symptom I was suffering from apart from general anxiety was insomnia. I had tried a number of different therapies, all of which had helped but not stopped the symptoms.

I met with Jeannine 3 times on a weekly basis for hypnosis sessions. She was at all times articulate and took time to explain the procedures and the plan for the coming sessions. I was also given a hand out detailing the treatment and hypnosis itself. Each time I left with a CD with a specific treatment, which Jeannine had compiled. The wording on these CDs was always perfect; showing Jeannine had really listened to my case and had picked up the intricate causes of my symptoms- (reading between the lines when necessary). After three sessions, I was remarkably symptom free-note: I had practiced what I had been taught almost daily. I was then given the opportunity by Jeannine to learn self- hypnosis. It is a hugely powerful tool, which I now use twice daily to aid relaxation and increase confidence. I find it extremely valuable as a therapy as it gets to the root cause of the issue by going straight to the subconscious mind. It has since been a pleasure to have Jeannine join Mother-Well as a practitioner. I have referred a number of clients to her with concerns as varied as infertility (unknown cause), recurrent miscarriage and a persistent cough, due to emotional stress. As a Naturopath and Medical Herbalist I have continued to treat these clients and find that Hypnosis compliments my treatment fantastically. -- RP

Now sleeping without the use of pills!

I came to Jeannine with 40 to 50 years of sleep related problems, necessitating the use of sleeping pills over this period of time. I was desperate for help and a caring shoulder to lean on and found this with Jeannine's down to earth manner and calm approach to my problem.

The Body talk and use of the relaxation CDs has helped me make great headway. The Sleep CD with Jeannine's calm and modulated voice has been a huge help and I am sleeping without the use of pills. I have a very different and positive outlook on life and look forward to ongoing progress. -- MD

Public Speaking

Public Speaking Success

Jeannine! Just wanted to say a big, massive, heart-felt THANK YOU!!! Thank you, thank you, thank you! I did it. I got through my presentations on Wednesday and I did really well! I got good feedback and feel really positive about the experience!

By the end of it I was getting into it! At the start of the first one I was nervous, but I put my index finger and thumb together and just kept saying ‘calm and confident!’ And I kept visiting the bathroom to tap the EFT! So thank you for really supporting me through it! I have a new sense of confidence in myself! Blessings! A

Children and Their Issues

Behavioural Issues - ADHD

I took my 5 year old son to see Jeannine not really knowing what to expect. Tylar would be on the border of ADHD, very hyperactive, short attention span, demanding, not a good sleeper and pretty much all round hard work.

After his second BodyTalk session I noticed differences within 48 hours and within a week he was a completely different child. We now hardly have any struggles; he is completely hyperactive free and sleeps well. His "demanding" has reduced to around 20% of what it was, his attention span is amazing and he has become so quiet at times that we forget he is even there. So thanks Jeannine you have made our life and Tylar's so much easier. -- SB

Developmental Speech Issues corrected with BodyTalk

Jeannine and BodyTalk have helped me and my family over the last few years with amazing results. During both my pregnancies, I used BodyTalk to help me prepare for a natural birth using relaxation techniques and to keep my mind and body in great shape.

When our first child Jack was two and a half years old, it was identified that he had issues around processing words. After many months of speech therapy and very little progress we came back to see if Jeannine could help Jack. After the first session, we went to the swings and from the car he said "swings". From that session he started to copy words and communicate with us. The speech therapist was amazed at the progress Jack had made over the 6 week summer break and he is catching up with the kids of his age and chattering away with his new friends at preschool. BodyTalk helped Jack with the block his brain was having in learning to talk and he is a happy and more confident child as a result. -- HC