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Fertility Journey Completed With Natural Induction:

December 2014 - Jeannine is amazing! She worked with me through the process of finding out we would be unable to conceive naturally, through IVF, a miscarriage and then finally pregnancy through to having our miracle little girl. The peace and mental freedom I have experienced since I began working with Jeannine has been amazing and I can't recommend her highly enough. Using the techniques learnt in our sessions has become part of my daily routine and I feel confident I am able to handle whatever life throws at me now. Our baby was quite big and the hospital wanted to induce me at 38 weeks, something I was a little uncomfortable with. I had a session with Jeannine 3 days before I was due to be induced and we worked on letting the baby know it was safe to come early, with me even reassuring the baby myself during hypnosis. The very next day I went into labour naturally and our little poppet arrived 12 hours later, 24 hours before I was booked in to be induced. WONDERFUL RESULT! Thanks Jeannine!

Menopause Relief with hypnotherapy:

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Hypnofertility - Bringing the Power of the Mind Body Connection to Conception(248KB)
Published in 'Pathways', the magazine of Fertility NZ, Volume 2, 2007

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