About Relaxation Therapy and Relaxation Training

Why is relaxation important?

Anxiety, worry, tension, overwhelm or overload ... all factors that induce stress. Unresolved stress has physical, emotional and psychological effects which in turn create ill health and sickness. Stress takes resources out of the body's natural functions and pushes people out of balance. Psychological and emotional stresses for example are linked directly to the measured levels of hormones in the human body.

Physical relaxation in the body helps to induce feelings of relaxation and a calmer emotional state, bringing systems back into balance. It allows space for awareness and clarity to be restored.

It also moves people from states of reaction to those of response. Shifts in thought patterns and associated behaviour can then be chosen and initiated.

Practising relaxation techniques regularly is a useful preparation for accessing the state of hypnosis.

How we can help you to relax:

  • Guided Relaxation Training supported by digital recordings for regular practise (download an example of a relaxation exercise, 20MB)
  • Exercises aimed to increase physical, emotional and mental awareness
  • Coaching to clarify helpful and unhelpful patterns, and define aims and goals

Please contact me for further details.